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How do I refer to Hydrotherapy Solutions?

Hydrotherapy Referrals from Medical Specialists and GPs

Hydrotherapy is not as well known or utilised as some other forms of physiotherapy.  If you would like to know more please see our “Why Hydro?” page, give us a call to discuss, or arrange for us to come to your practice and provide an education session.  Often, new referrers are surprised at the very positive feedback their patients give them about their experience in the pool, which prompts them to consider how the benefits could be applied to their wider patient population.

We treat all compensable patients, and are happy to be part of Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans.  There are no out of pocket costs to patients.  Private patients can get a rebate from their private health insurance schemes, providing they have ancillaries cover for physiotherapy.

We appreciate a short written referral for patients with unstable medical conditions, recent surgery or special needs, and are happy to receive this via fax, email, post, or via the patient.  We will send you reports on progress, and are happy to be contacted at any time to discuss issues.

Hydrotherapy Referrals - For GPs

Hydrotherapy referrals from Physios and other Therapists

As our focus is hydrotherapy, we do not perform in-rooms treatment.  Thus we are keen to build relationships with other physios, osteos, chiros, myotherapists, exercise physiologists and massage therapists so that the best outcomes can be achieved for our patients.  Working together, a combination of aquatic and “land” treatment can often give better outcomes than one modality alone.  We are happy to discuss patients with you as to their suitability for hydrotherapy, and provide communication back to you re their progress.

Prior approval for supervised hydrotherapy for compensable patients is rarely required - we will submit the necessary treatment plan following our assessment.  For DVA clients, if you have a valid physio referral from their GP you can forward that to us, or they can get a referral to us specifically.  WorkSafe clients will need to get a new referral for hydrotherapy from their GP or medical specialist.  Please note that clinically justifiable concurrent physio and hydro is allowable in most circumstances.

We want to make the referral process as simple as possible for you, and are happy to take verbal referrals over the phone.  Otherwise, a short note, fax or email will give us all the information we need.

Hydrotherapy Referrals - For Physios

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