Hydrotherapy may be just what your body needs

Are you looking for expert care by physiotherapists skilled in aquatic treatment?  Do you want to rehabilitate after an injury, manage chronic pain or arthritis or just begin to exercise in a safe and controlled way?  Warm water aquatic physiotherapy may be the solution for you.  At Hydrotherapy Solutions, you will be fully assessed and managed according to your individual needs.

Why Hydro?

For Patients

  • The warmth of the water means less pain

  • Your body is supported by buoyancy

  • Treatment can be as gentle or vigorous as required

  • Flexibility is improved so stretching is more effective

  • Active exercise that is also relaxing

For Referrers

  • Hydrotherapy is our sole business - we work together with you

  • An active rather than passive form of treatment

  • Exercise can begin without fear in a supported environment

  • Individual and specific assessment and treatment

  • Approved by compensable bodies

Need more information?  Contact Hydrotherapy Solutions today!

Hydrotherapy Solutions - Heidelberg Repat Pool


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