About Hydrotherapy Solutions

Hydrotherapy Solutions has been operating since 1999 as one of the few dedicated hydrotherapy practices in Melbourne.  Staffed by dedicated, compassionate physiotherapists with a special interest in hydrotherapy, we have treated thousands of patients with a wide variety of problems.  Our patients have ranged in age from 8 to 94 years, and are often referred to us by their doctors, in-rooms therapists, friends or family.

Every patient we see is individually assessed, and performs exercises prescribed specifically for their needs.  We maintain contact with your doctors or other therapists, and are continually updating and progressing your program.  Our physiotherapists are in the pool with you, providing close supervision and hands-on techniques and assistance as necessary.

Hydrotherapy Solutions is a trading name of Rejuvenate Physiotherapy Pty Ltd, ABN 37 961 284 868.

About Hydrotherapy Solutions - Pool time

Our Physios

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Jo Rankin


Director and Founder of Hydrotherapy solutions, Jo is passionate about providing a top quality service that delivers to patients and referrers alike. She combines her hydro work with a rehabilitation role at a large pain clinic. Jo has recently completed a Masters of Pain Management through the University of Sydney and is an accredited APA Pain Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is never boring, because everyone who walks through our doors has their own unique set of problems, ways of coping and outcomes. My aim is to truly listen, seek to understand and to facilitate meaningful improvements in each person's quality of life.

Joanna McKenzie


Jo trained in the UK and has been a part of Hydrotherapy Solutions since 2001. She also continues some acute hospital work, keeping her up to date with the latest orthopaedic surgical procedures.

I love hydrotherapy because patients of any age and with a multitude of conditions or injuries feel significant benefit. The use of water therapy has been around for hundreds of years, providing healing properties including pain relief, reduced muscle tension and increased blood flow. I love that our patients feel great both during a hydrotherapy session and after!
About Hydrotherapy Solutions - Jo McKenzie
About Hydrotherapy Solutions - Bronwyn Jackson

Bronwyn Jackson


Bronwyn has been a physiotherapist for over 20 years, originally moving south from Queensland. She has cared for clients with a wide variety of problems at Hydrotherapy Solutions since the year 2000.

After working in many areas of physiotherapy, including private practice, I have found hydrotherapy to have the most successful outcome for my patients. It is extremely professionally rewarding to be of help to so many. I am also the mother of 2 beautiful daughters, love to laugh and travel by bicycle around the wild places of the world.

Tracey Grayden


Tracey trained here in Melbourne and has worked extensively in orthopaedics, in both hospital and private practice settings. Additional areas of interest include women's health, preventative medicine and healthy living.

I love the water and have been in it since I was a baby! I find the healing and rejuvenating properties of water amazing, and love seeing the results and relief our patients experience. In my spare time, I enjoy the great outdoors with my family, especially camping and horse riding.
About Hydrotherapy Solutions - Marie Thomson

Marie Thomson


Marie has worked across a range of settings in South Africa, UK and Australia. Her skillful hands-on techniques combine effectively with the properties of warm water and the benefits of exercise. She is particularly talented with issues relating to the spine, pelvis and posture.

The hydrotherapy pool provides a safe, fun environment in which to exercise. The camaraderie and support is awe-inspiring, and you leave the pool having had as much of a work out as you can manage and with your spirits lifted. It is truly a privilege to be part of the rehabilitation team at Hydrotherapy Solutions.